Our instructors can design a personal workout program for you and provide an orientation to the gym and your new program. Whether its a challenging general workout to improve fitness or exercise to manage chronic health or rehabilitate after injury or health crises, our instructors will support and encourage you in a relaxed friendly environment. Dont be afraid to ask for their help!

"Fitness is being capable of doing everyday movements comfortably and without thought. It is being able to lift objects and walk around without struggle. It is also being healthy and having a longer easier life and doing what you love effortlessly".

An extremely patient and supportive instructor, Paul has a great sense of humour. He shares his humour and encourages our progress. Our gym sessions are always fun, even when they are challenging!

Tina McLaren

How she works with us...


A highly qualified instructor who quickly assesses where you are at with fitness and sets a program that suits your pace.

Tina is supportive and at the same time helps members to increase their fitness at a manageable rate.  She is highly valued as a fitness instructor and a friendly face of fitness!

Tina holds a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and is currently studying Exercise Physiology. She also works locally in the aged care sector and is interested in working with people to maintain their strength and mobility as they age. Tina has gained university qualifications in Psychology and Community Development and has a genuine interest in helping people achieve their exercise goals in a relaxed, friendly community environment.


"We'd like to shake up the idea gyms are for 19-24 year olds" says Tina. She is interested in working with doctors and researchers to help explore the benefits of strength training for diseases like dementia and osteoporosis and large movement exercises like boxing for Parkinson's disease.


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